Henry Clerval is a young man who is in his middle twenties. He is Victor’s best friend and traveling companion He ends up going to Ingolstadt with Victor. Clerval was not into natural science. He was more interested in foreign languages.
He engaged in Persian, Arabic, and Sanscrit languages and helped Victor become involved. After Victor developed a horrible fever, Clerval was the one to take care of him. Clerval was very good to him and after awhile Victor finally got better.They both decide to go on a long journey for about a year. They saw many beautiful towns, and parts of nature. Clerval loved nature and all it had to offer. After that, Clerval decides to go his separate way for a while, which was not a good idea. The monster eventually got ahold of Clerval and strangled him. The monster killed him just like he did with William. Clerval’s body was found on the shore of Ireland. Victor ended up in Ireland and found out Clerval was dead. The monster went after Clerval because he knew how close him and Victor were and how much pain it would put Victor though. After Clerval died, Victor fell ill again.

Cares about Victor
Learns foreign language
Experiences England
Ready for any adventure
Vivid imagination
Almost a family member to the Frankensteins
Learning is his hobby

"Henry Clerval was the son of a merchant of Geneva. He was a boy of singular talent and fancy. He loved enterprise, hardship, and even danger, for its own sake. He was deeply read in books of chivalry and romance."
Henry was a fine, young Gentleman. He was very gifted and a good friend for Victor.

"Alas, how great was the contrast between us! He was alive to every new scene; joyful when he saw the beauties of the setting sun, and more happy when he beheld it rise, and recommence a new day."
In this quote Victor is talking about Clerval. He is describing how happy they were together and how much Clerval loves nature.

Foreign Languages
Mountain Nature

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